Thanks to Shannon Massie Chance for mentioning me in her blog, Ireland by Chance.

Ireland by Chance

Meet my colleague Christine Franck.

I was introduced to Christine when I was delivering a guest lecture at the University of Notre Dame while she was an adjunct professor there.  She usually practices architecture in New York and blogs about classical architecture. She has also written several books and has served as president of the board of the Institute for Classical Architecture and Classical America.

During 2012, Christine and I got together a couple of times in Williamsburg to discuss each others’ research.  Christine has a fascinating idea for an architectural research project.  I’ve been helping her figure out how to pitch the idea to Fulbright.  There are Fulbright grants available to teachers, researchers, and professionals… in my book, she’s all of these.

Without giving too much away, I can say:  Christine is interested in documenting a certain type of housing that is relatively unknown but that she thinks…

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