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Comments Delivered at “After the Crisis: Is This a New Era for Traditional Design.” Art Workers Guild, London, INTBAU/TAG Conference

February 9, 2011

My dear friends and colleagues,

I wish I could be with you today, but it is a good sign I could not be, since a lecture to over 200 architects in Boston yesterday meant I could not make a late evening flight to London. Indeed, while the years beginning in the fall of 2008 have been terrifyingly slow, over the last six to eight months there has been a palpable optimism that we will recover.

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Franck Speaks at Boston’s Pella Pro Expo



Speaking at the Pella Pro Expo in Boston yesterday, at the TD Garden was terrific fun. Thanks to Pete Miller at Restore Media for developing this break-out educational content at the 2011 Pella Pro Expos. While I didn’t do a head count we had a packed room that I estimate held about 200 folks, nearly all architects. My lectures focused on the relevance of classical architecture to contemporary American domestic architecture and a second session on marketing tactics with a particular focus on social networking.

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